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Tutorial: Unlisting Products From Your Store Page

In the case that a product that you are selling is discontinued or out of stock for an extended period of time, you will need to remove it from your store catalog.  Follow the following steps to remove a product from your page:

  •  Select an item by clicking on the video of the item.  This will bring up the main edit tab for the selected product. 

     •  On the center-right side of the tab you will see a “status” menu.  This menu controls if a product is being shown or not.  

     •  To unlist an item, set the status to “inactive”.  The product will continue to be displayed in the product section but it will no longer be shown on your online page.  

     •  You can put the product back on the online store page by setting the product to active again.

To see a mobile version of this tutorial, click here.