Tutorial: Connecting Reviews to Your Store Page - Beam.city
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Tutorial: Connecting Reviews to Your Store Page

Connectors add user reviews, important information and send messages by connecting Beam City with Yelp and Google Places. 

These linked reviews help to add credibility to your store page.

Follow the steps below to get them set up:

     •  First, click on “settings” in the edit menu bar.

     •  Click on the “connectors” button in the fold down menu.

     •  To link reviews to your Beam City store page, click on the Yelp or Google Places image.

     •  For Yelp, enter the URL of your Yelp business address to link Yelp reviews.

     •  For Google Places reviews, simply find your store on the displayed map.  Press ctrl and scroll in to zoom in on the map.

     •  By linking Yelp to your Beam City page you are able to display 3 different review excerpts from Yelp.  

     •  By Linking your Google Places account you will be able to list excerpts from 5 different Google reviews. 

To see a mobile version of this tutorial, click here.