Tutorial: Accessing the Store Edit Dashboard - Beam.city
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Tutorial: Accessing the Store Edit Dashboard

The Above Tutorial Describes how to Access your Store Dashboard. The Second Video Gives a Brief Description of Dashboard Functions

To manage your webstore, including your profile page, your catalogs, promos or orders, access your store dashboard.

     •  To do this you will first log in to Beam City using your name and phone number.  

          ο Click on the person icon in the top right hand section of the screen. 

     •  Next, access the dashboard by clicking on your user name on the top right of the page. 

          ο  This is the same button as the login button but it will now display your name.

     •  Select/click “dashboard” on the popup menu, which will then take you to your official dashboard. It should display your name primarily (in large blue text). 

     •  Select your name on the left side of the page in order to show you your stores (if you have only one store, that’s okay, but some people have more than one location and store, and all of these will be displayed here).  

     •  Select your store which will take your to the overview page. Editing options are listed along the menu  bar. They consist of, “orders,” “catalog,” “promote” & “settings.”

For a Mobile Version of the Sign in tutorial, click here.

For a Mobile Version of the Dashboard Tour Tutorial, click here.