Key Reasons for Taking Your Store Digital -
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Key Reasons for Taking Your Store Digital

The world of retail is changing fast.  Currently 87% of shoppers check online stores before they even consider going to a store in person (Morgan, 2019), so an online presence is becoming more needed than ever before.  Without an online presence you risk being left behind by the digital shift. Having an online image puts you at a major advantage over your competitors and allows you to reach your sales goals.

The world is more digital focused than ever before.  78% of shoppers in the US now use the internet to shop and research products online (Tipsy Writer, 2014).  This means that even if a shopper bought a product from a physical store, there is a high chance that that shopper found out or researched the product online.  Since shoppers spend so much time online, most of the advertisements that they see are from online sources rather than physical advertisements. In fact, it is estimated that the average person spends more than 5 hours online every day (Thompson, 2018)!    At Beam City, we help stores to gain online visibility by creating on demand digital promotions. These promotions can be sent out at any time and allow stores to be seen across the web.

Beam City flyers enables you to grab the attention of thousands of shoppers from all across Toronto so that stores can attract customers that wouldn’t otherwise be reachable.  Stores will no longer have to rely on targeting communities one at a time with physical Billboard advertisements, public board postings, or attempting to do it online themselves.

Most customers require 4-8 interactions to make a sale, so it is key to make sure you are always in touch with a customer.  With Beam City, critical touch points can be made before a customer even sets foot in a store. Increased visibility means Customers will be ready to buy right away once they enter the store.


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