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Tutorial: Measuring Store Traffic

The store traffic section of the orders page is used to track customers who visit your store in person or have made a purchase at your store.  This is an optional function for the site and in the future analytical functions will be added.

     •  There are two cases when you will track online users in store:

     1.  A shopper has gone in store to buy a product in person.

          ο  In this case, click on “Track Sale” to add a shoppers information so that the shopper can be remembered.

     2.  A browser has come into your store and has showed interest in your products.

          ο  Click on “Track Visit” to record the browsers data for future reference.

This feature is mostly for stores who want more in depth reports about online activity so this feature is not mandatory to use but it is recommended for gathering more accurate data.

To see a mobile version of this tutorial, click here.