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Tutorial: Editing Your Store Profile Page

Making your store page look just right is key to having a successful first impression for online customers.  In this tutorial we will look at how to make your front page for your store meet the expectations of your online shoppers.

     •  To edit your store profile go to “catalog” under the store menu.  

     •  Select “edit profile” to start editing your store page.  

     •  To change the video playing on the banner of you store page, simply click on the “choose hero scene” button.  

     •  Select a product video that you feel represents your store page the most.

     •  Make sure the product video does not clash with your store logo.

To use a custom video for your header follow these 6 steps:

     1.  Click on the “catalog” button on the blue banner menu.

     2.  Click on “content” to view your video library.

     3.  Select “new b-roll” and upload any video you want onto the store page.

     4.  Go back to the store profile edit page.

     5.  Select “Choose Hero Scene.”

     6.  Select the product video that you previously uploaded.

To add a featured product or promo, follow these 3 steps:

     1.  Either click on “choose spotlight collection” or “choose spotlight products.”

     2.  Select multiple items by clicking on the products.  Selected products appear in orange.

     3.  “Spotlight Collections” are promotions that you can create in the “promotion” section of the site.

To see a mobile version of this tutorial, click here.