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Tutorial: Editing Products on Your Store Page

Once Beam City captures your product catalog in video format, all product information will be entered by the Beam Team onto your catalog page.  However, if you feel the need to edit item names, descriptions, prices or discounts then check out these steps.

     •  To get to the catalog page, click on the “catalog” button on the dashboard editing menu.

     •  Next click on “Products” to view your entire product catalog.

     ο  The “variants” and “scenes” options are only used by the Beam City team.  Email us if you want to add product variants or change a product video.

     •  To make general changes to a product, click on the video of any product in your catalog.

     •  When making changes, follow these guidelines:

          ο  Product names should be a max of 40 characters to ensure that they fit over on the page properly.

          ο  Discounts are calculated automatically so make sure you don’t double discount prices.

          ο  Categories can be changed but not removed.

     •  A green outline will appear around the text box once changes are saved in the system.

To see a mobile friendly version of this tutorial, click here.