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Tutorial: Creating New Discounts

Creating discounts is an important feature for creating more effective promotions.  Discounts that will be put into promotions must be created as separate discounts first before they can be put into a promotion.  Discounts can also be used outside of on demand promotions for your online store. For example, if you want to hand out discounts in store as a reward to shoppers then the discounts can be added in the discount section.

     •  To access the discount section, click on “Promotions” on the blue dashboard menu.

     •  Click on “Discounts” to access the discounts page.

          ο  This is the page where previously created discounts can be seen.

     •  Click on “New Discount” to create add a new discount to your store account.

          ο  The Discount code has to be 8 or more characters in length in order for it to be registered.

          ο  Select which type of discount is being offered by selecting an option on the “Units to Discount” fold down menu.

          ο  The maximum and minimum amounts for discounts are used to limit the discounted purchase or set a minimum purchase amount for the discount to take effect.

          ο  To draft the discount select “Draft” in the “Status” fold down menu.

          ο  To make the discount take effect right away select “Active” in the “Status” fold down menu.

The discount code can now be added to in store hand out promotions or used with on demand promotions to add discounts to the promotion.

To see a mobile version of this tutorial, click here.