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Tutorial: Adding and Editing Store Addresses

Opening a new store location or changing your store address?  To edit an existing address, follow the 5 steps below. 

       1.  Select “settings” on the store menu.

       2.  Click on “addresses” in the fold down menu.

             •  This will allow you to view current addresses for your store(s) if you have already set an address up.

      3. Click on an address, and an editing menu will pop up.  

      4.  Fill in the fields and follow the required guidelines in the background of the text boxes. 

      5.  Click submit to save changes.

How to create a new address:

If you are opening up a new store, follow these 5 steps to create a new address for your store:  

     1.  Click on “settings” in the header menu.

     2.  Select “addresses” in the fold down menu.

     3.  Click on the “new address” tab on the top left of the screen.

     4.  Fill out your general information such as address, city and postal code. 

     5.  Click the submit button to save this new address.

To see the mobile version of this tutorial, click here.