The Growing Need for AI in Online Stores -
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The Growing Need for AI in Online Stores

AI for online stores is becoming more of a need then ever before.

In the past few years, AI implementation has been a far-off goal for many retailers.  However, as online shopping sites featuring AI become more and more popular, the need for retail to step up their marketing game has become more and more necessary.  It is no longer enough to just list store products on a online store page, modern customers need to be sold to online.  Online stores need to act more like market stands where a salesperson offers ideal products to customers rather then just a display case where customers look at products through a glass plate. 

Rob Bigler, COO from eBay Canada shares some insight to the changing requirement of stores:

“I think we will continue to see the adoption of e-commerce as the Canadian retail landscape shifts to better suit consumer needs — think convenience, personalization and ease. Artificial intelligence has truly enabled personalized and unique shopping experiences from emails to websites, apps, ads, news stories and even in-store experiences. Everything customers are exposed to is increasingly personalized, which has ultimately driven conversion for those who do it well.” (Bigler, 2019).

Overall, it is now key to bring products to consumers in order to create a personal experience.  Shopping has gone from being a user driven task to a seller driven experience.  Stores will have to remain innovative in the coming years to deliver an AI driven, personal experience to customers in order to retain sales.

Michael Van, Founder of Furnishr has a statement on how AI significant AI is when effecting shopping:

“The biggest innovation I think is artificial intelligence. It’s pretty powerful when an algorithm figures out your style, your buying patterns — essentially knowing you better than you know yourself. This has simplified the shopping experience and it will only improve over time.” (Van, 2019)

It is hard to underemphasize just how important AI is for modern retail.  In the next few years AI will be the deciding factor on if a store is successful or not.  A store with AI has the ability to reach customers with targeted advertisements to get them to the online store more efficiently then competitors.  Once in the store, customers will instantly be able to see products that appeal to them which saves them time and creates a smooth shopping experience.  Compare this to a standard online store page and it is clear which store customers will be returning to.

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