Reach Your Ideal Customers Wherever They Are -
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Reach Your Ideal Customers Wherever They Are

Creating and promoting an online store from scratch can be a serious undertaking.  Compare it to building a house in the desert. Building the house is a major challenge but getting people to visit the house is another story altogether.  With Beam City however, we have a solution to your dilemma: instead of having a house just sitting in the middle of a desert, we will put your house on a truck and bring it to your friends so that they can see you, and visit you, no matter where they are. 

At Beam City video promotions are used to target ideal customers.  AI is used to learn which customers are interested in a store’s products so that online flyers only go to the customers who are genuinely interested in the products.  These interested customers are called ideal customers since they are strongly interested in your brand, as well as in purchasing your products. Instead of waiting for customers to come into your store, it is now possible to get product catalogs placed directly in front of customers while they search online.