The Amazing Power of Magic Moments -
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The Amazing Power of Magic Moments

Magic moments are times when we realize how amazing something is.  Just think of how you feel when you open a present, or more specifically, find that perfect accessory you have been looking for.  We can’t get enough of them, and Beam City helps to create more of these moments.

We create a digital video catalog for stores in hours.  We do the videography in store, so store owners can watch the whole process right before their eyes. Just imagine how you would feel if your entire store inventory were videographed, posted, and shared online for the entire city to see in just a few short hours.  Pure magic!

The benefits don’t stop at the content & catalog. Beam City helps stores to promote their products with the use of AI to find ideal customers wherever they might be online.  This allows you to reach customers that were once unavailable due to distance or lack of marketing technology.

Beam City lets you use on demand promotions helping  you reach more shoppers than ever before online. This allows you to bring magic moments to shoppers with the use of digital promotions,  which helps to increase your sales and keep your store in the minds of potential customers.

In addition, we will also share individual product video footage with the store so that stores can post product videos on their own websites and social media pages.  This lets you save even more time on promoting your own products by having the content ready for you.