Our Youth Ambassador Program - Beam.city
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Our Youth Ambassador Program

Beam City is always looking for partners for our Youth Ambassador Program.  We are interested in partners from universities and collages who will be responsible for building an on-campus community. The partners will help recruit ambassadors by following our mission, building the campus community, promoting our values, and designing and executing events.

What is Beam City?

Beam City allows users to discover local shops online.  We use video to display products from local stores throughout Toronto and help to target these products to consumers by using AI.  We also help to promote the online visibility of stores by helping to create and promote online product flyers. Ambassadors at Beam City get a unique opportunity to connect with other ambassadors (online and in person) and to be part of fast-paced, innovative organization.

The Youth Ambassador Program is designed to engage post-secondary student volunteers and interns in events, marketing and outreach activities within the retail, technological and entrepreneurial space. 


What Could You do?

As a partner with Beam City you can do the following to work with Beam City:

  1. Promote the Youth Ambassador Program to students.
  2. Identify and invest in new opportunities for the students’ career development.
  3. Host themed monthly meet-ups with your students, start-ups, and members.
  4. Sponsor Beam City events both on and off campus.
  5. Provide space for booths, information sessions, events, and workshops.
  6. Recruit and train new ambassadors.
  7. And more!  We are always open to offers and suggestions.

What Could I get?

  1. Support for events and initiatives such as mentorship, data, and incentives.
  2. Exclusive retailer partner discount codes.
  3. An invitation to out private Slack channel for partners where you can connect and network with other partners.
  4. Access to other ambassador communities in Toronto.
  5. Exclusive ambassador content so you know exactly how to represent our brand IRL, at events and online.
  6. Monthly check-ins with Beam City partners and community leads.
  7. Access to our network of professional such as introductions to community leaders.
  8. And more!  Once again, we are also open to offers and suggestions.

Like what you hear?  

We sure do!  Working with this community-based program will enable you to create “magic moments” with ambassadors, our partners and the community.  If you are aware of any other events or initiatives that we can get involved with then email us at hello@beam.city. If you are interested in joining our program, then book an appointment with us so that we can discuss how you can get involved.

In conclusion, we hope you are interested in working with our new Youth Ambassador Program.  Joining the program may seem daunting at first but we will provide clear instructions once you decide to join along with us.  It always feels great to give youth members a chance at learning something new. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you know somebody else who might be interested in our program, then be sure to share it!