Awesome Benefits For Using Beam City -
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Awesome Benefits For Using Beam City

The world of online retail can be challenging but Beam City has a way of making the making your online store a reality.  Beam City is a turnkey solution which allows stores to start promoting immediately without the hassle of starting from scratch which can be a lengthy, costly process.

Our AI, video and keyword searches allow for users to create professional and effective promotions that would take weeks to make if done by scratch.  With Beam City however, promotions can be prepared in minutes and you don’t have to worry about how to set up Google or Facebook advertising.

Beam City streamlines your online operations in a variety of different ways:

Beam City allows you to create promotions that find your target customer using AI so that you have a continuous flow of shoppers visiting your store both online and in person.  You will keep on getting store visibility no mater what the weather is.

Beam City saves stores weeks and allows them to gain thousands of dollars back in unincurred costs.  Save resources by letting our team analyze shopping data to save you the hassle of doing it yourself.

Add $98,000 or more worth of sales each year by pulling in new shoppers. This can be accomplished by using on demand promotions which use AI to target ideal customers.